Tank Trouble 2New and awesome tank dueling game is out – Tank Trouble 2 and it is all focused on multiplayer option. Multiplayer mode only offers you to play in company either in two player game mode or three player game mode, this version of the game has no solo game mode (the one where you play vs Laika).

Main reason why this is so popular is because people prefer to play with their friends rather than alone, you can challenge yur friends, you can join tank duels together and find out who is better. War games with multiplayer option are always awesome source of thrill and adrenaline.

Now, there are various tactics in the game, but my favorite one is ricochet, I just love to fire shells under specific angle and hit enemies who are at the another end of the map. Of course this tactic is super hard, but it also gives you huge benefits, you can win game without exposing your tank to your opponents. Take some time and exercise in this ricochet tactic, I believe you will love it.

Keep in mind that on the map, in random locations often spawns power-ups, they can improve your fire power. They can give you opportunity to launch rockets, they can give you laser weapons and other cool stuff. Make sure that you don’t miss these power-ups, they can change outcome of the game in your favor!